Biochemistry and Molecular Biology second edition ISBN 0198700458


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology second edition ISBN 0198700458

Taal Engels Bindwijze Paperback Verschijningsdatum 2001-03-29 Aantal pagina’s 614 pagina’s Illustraties Met illustraties ISBN13 9780198700456
Betrokkenen Auteur William H. Elliott Daphne C. Elliott Uitgever  Oxford University Press

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology second edition ISBN 0198700458

An understanding of biochemistry and molecular cell biology opens the door to an understanding of life itself.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is perfectly suited to opening up this subject to the widest range of students, giving insights into this fascinating area with which every biological and biomedical science student should be familiar.
The new edition takes students from the fundamentals of cell biology and biochemistry to the latest advances in genomics and proteomics, maintaining a wonderful clarity, enriched by carefully layered explanations and vivid illustrations throughout.
The third edition has undergone substantial re-structuring to facilitate its use by students with little prior understanding of the subject area. Summaries at the end of each chapter highlight the key concepts presented and aid revision. Boxed applications illuminate the concepts being introduced, describing medical examples and health-related issues. In addition, the companion web site contains illustrations from the book, web links, course outlines as PowerPoint slides, checklists of key concepts, discussion points and questions for each chapter, plus answers to the discussion points, questions, and problems in the textbook.


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