Cell Biology Second Edition ISBN 0412631504


Cell Biology Second Edition ISBN 0412631504

Inhoud Taal Engels Bindwijze Paperback Verschijningsdatum december 1996 Aantal pagina’s 540 pagina’s Illustraties Nee ISBN13 9780412631504
Betrokkenen Auteur E. J. Wood C.A. Smith Uitgever International Thomson Publishing Services
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Cell Biology Second Edition ISBN 0412631504

This book offers an introduction to the vast body of knowledge that constitutes cellular biology, and aims to provide a complete yet self-contained course at an affordable price. It is written for first and second year undergraduates, diploma students and medical students reading biochemistry, either as an honours subject or as an ancillary or subsidiary topic. The book differs from typical biology texts in that, although it is largely descriptive, it is written from the point of view of biochemistry and molecular biology, in recognition of a developing trend towards reaching an understanding of biological phenomena in chemical terms.
The principal aim is to convey the idea of unity of structure and purpose at cellular level, and to show that despite the enormous range (and beauty) of multifarious cell types, they are all variations of the same basic plan. Students will appreciate the conciseness of this text as they struggle to master a complex and fascinating topic.


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