Fungal Morphogenesis ISBN 0521552958


Fungal Morphogenesis ISBN 0521552958
Taal Engels Bindwijze Hardcover Verschijning datum september 1998 Aantal pagina’s 486 pagina’s Illustraties Nee ISBN 139780521552950

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Fungal Morphogenesis ISBN 0521552958


Fungal Morphogenesis brings together in one book, for the first time, the full scope of fungal developmental biology. It provides a coherent account of the subject and puts forward ideas that can provide the basis of future research. Throughout, the author blends together physiological, biochemical, structural and molecular descriptions within an evolutionary framework. Sufficient information is provided about fungal biology to give the reader a rounded view of the mycological context within which fungal morphogenesis is played out, without obscuring the broader biological significance. Readers with a background in basic biology should not need to bring any other knowledge with them, nor should it be necessary to refer elsewhere, in order to appreciate fungal morphogenesis. Written by one of the few people with the necessary breadth of research expertise to deal authoritatively with the wide range of topics, this book will appeal to developmental and cell biologists, microbiologists, and geneticists.


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