Marine Biology second edition Function, Biodiversity, Ecology ISBN 0195141725


Marine Biology second edition Function, Biodiversity, Ecology ISBN 0195141725

Taal Engels Bindwijze Hardcover Verschijningsdatum maart 2001 Aantal pagina’s 515 pagina’s ISBN13 9780195141726 plus CD-Rom
Betrokkenen Auteur Jeffrey S. Levinton Uitgever Oxford University Press



Marine Biology second edition Function, Biodiversity, Ecology ISBN 0195141725

This new and revised second edition of Jeffrey S. Levinton’s Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology promises to be as fascinating and informative as the first, with additions that bring it up-to-date on current research issues. Designed for one-semester junior/senior courses, this established volume stands as one of the most current and thorough resources for students in the multidisciplinary field of marine biology. The new edition includes significantly expanded coverage of marine mammals and hypothesis testing and offers entirely new sections on subtidal rocky reefs, metapopulations, marine invasions, marine protected areas and no-take fishery zones, and molecular approaches to marine biology and fisheries. It emphasizes the relationship of the functional ecology of organisms to higher levels of organization, including major marine habitats and ecosystems. It effectively describes a variety of current research areas, conveying the dynamic range of activity in the field, and uses ”Hot Topics” Essays to teach students that scientific study is an active and ongoing process.

Complementing the text are a wealth of pedagogical features including:

· 32 full-color plates
· Expanded text boxes that highlight important and current research topics
· A self-test keyed to the chapters and bound into the back of the book
· The CD-ROM, ”Marine Biology Explorations.” This in-text CD takes students on a guided tour of marine environments and animals with approximately 450 full-color photographs and illustrations, annotated with informative descriptions. Images are from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Each subject area allows students to wander in new environments and encounter new organisms and ecological features.

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