Microbiology An Introduction Sixth Edition ISBN 0805385355


Microbiology An Introduction Sixth Edition ISBN 0805385355

Gerard J. Tortora, Berdell R. Funke, Christine Case (Autoren) 832 Seiten 1997 | 6th edition Pearson Education (US) (Hersteller) 978-0-8053-8535-9 (ISBN) Met CD Rom
Verlagsort Upper Saddle River Sprache englisch Gewicht 2055 g Themenwelt Naturwissenschaften
Biologie Mikrobiologie / Immunologie ISBN-10 0-8053-8535-5 / 0805385355 ISBN-13 978-0-8053-8535-9 / 9780805385359 Zustand Neuware

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Microbiology An Introduction Sixth Edition ISBN 0805385355

With an improved clinical and human focus, this edition provides a comprehensive coverage of general microbiology. It adopts a systematic approach to disease and the CD tutorial encourages students to explore tough topics. It also highlights the use of microbiology outside the classroom. 

Over the years, instructors at more than 1000 colleges and universities have made Microbiology: An Introduction, their #1 choice. The new sixth edition builds on the hallmark features of past editions-an accessible writing style, a systems approach to diseases, an exceptional art program-and adds new features and supplements that meet the needs of today’s students and instructors. This new edition becomes an even better teaching and learning tool with a new Interactive Student Tutorial CD-ROM, expanded critical thinking opportunities, a new Taxonomic Guide to Diseases Appendix, a World Wide Web Site, enhanced step-by-step descriptions added to text and illustrations, expanded end-of-chapter learning materials, and additional coverage of hot topics such as emerging infectious diseases, antibiotic/multi-drug resistance, and rapid identification of microorganisms.

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