Molecular Fungal Biology ISBN 052156784 X


Molecular Fungal Biology ISBN 052156784 X

Taal Engels Bindwijze Paperback Verschijningsdatum augustus 1999 Aantal pagina’s 388 pagina’s Illustraties ISBN13 9780521567848
Betrokkenen Uitgever Cambridge University Press

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Molecular Fungal Biology ISBN 052156784 X

Fungi are a diverse group of organisms, studied widely because of their commercial importance in biotechnology, agriculture and medicine, and because they provide simple model systems for illuminating the eukaryotic mode of life. The development of the techniques of molecular biology has opened up new areas of mycological research, with profound consequences such as the sequencing of the first entire eukaryotic genome. This book focuses on the application of molecular and cell biology to mycology and presents examples of how these approaches are elucidating long-held problems in areas as diverse as animal and plant pathology, protein expression and evolution. Aimed at advanced undergraduates taking courses in mycology, applied biology, biotechnology, fungal biology and fungal genetics, this textbook will also serve postgraduates needing an introduction to modern fungal research.


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