Statistics for Biologists ISBN 0521369320


Statistics for Biologists ISBN 0521369320

Inhoud Taal Engels Bindwijze Paperback Verschijningsdatum mei 1989 Aantal pagina’s 468 pagina’s Illustraties Met illustraties ISBN13 9780521369329
Betrokkenen Auteur Richard Colin Campbell Richard Colin Campbell Uitgever Cambridge University Press

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Statistics for Biologists ISBN 0521369320

This is the third edition of a successful textbook, now with material added to illustrate the potential of computers for biologists. It is a lucid introduction to the principles and more elementary techniques of statistical reasoning, particularly as they are relevant to the biologist. Special attention is paid to the validity and use of statistical procedures, the interpretation of results, and the meanings of the conclusions which can then be drawn. The understanding of statistical methods is aided by full explanations of how calculations are built up. A particular feature of this edition is the inclusion, of new material to demonstrate the potential usefulness of computers in biological statistical analysis and to this end computer analyses of a selection of the examples are presented, using several different statistical languages. The examples are designed to guide and encourage the biologist to pursue the use of these languages further. The book assumes no mathematical training and uses a minimum of jargon and symbolism. It will be useful to any biologist, student or research worker who needs an introduction to statistical procedures.


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