Thomas Lang – Creative Control


Thomas Lang – Creative Control Hudson Music DVD 2 disc taal Engels en Duits EAN 073999204056

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Thomas Lang – Creative Control Hudson Music

Thomas Lang presents the unique and innovative system that he has used to develop his awesome speed, control, finesse and coordination-a step-by-step system that will allow you to hone your drumming chops so that you can play more effectively, in any style of music.

Chapters include: Advanced technique for hands and feet Applied rudiments and orchestration Dynamic foot contro Sticktricks and showmanship Ergonomic mechanics on the drumkit Advanced interdependence and coordination Multi-pedal orchestrations Creative and pad practice Twin effect pedal playing and practice method Contemporary groove conceptsThe entire DVD is translated into German, in the form of a voiceover by Thomas, and can be accessed as an option from the DVD menus as Audio Track #2.

Special DVD Features: Bonus Footage includes Thomas performing loops as well as live action footage from a Meinl Generation-X Tour, musical selections by Thomas’ band, CSX, plus two songs with leading European vocal artist, Gianna Nannini.

AUDIO FILES AND DVD-ROM FEATURES: Separate audio files, in both ACID(PC) and REX (Mac) formats, will allow you to loop any of the exercises or performances and even change tempo without affecting the pitch, making it easy to absorb and master each example!In addition, Creative Control includes printable PDF files of transcriptions of many of Thomas exercises and performances.

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